Wire Guide Nozzles

Wire Guide Nozzles also known as Coil Winding Nozzles or PVC Coating Nozzles are used on multi-spindle wrapping machines during coil winding for guiding wire to wind in bobbin, pins and other desired material.


  1. High Wear Resistance: Tungsten Carbide possesses a very high Hardness value in excess of Vickers 1500, approximately 1.7 times more than that of hardened carbon steel making it perfect material for Nozzles.
  2. Surface-Roughness: These Nozzles are surface finished to a roughness of 0.05-1 microns or 2-4 micro inches Ra, which assures least friction-resistance, reduces film damage during wire-insulation as well as provides stable wire tension.
  3. Concentricity & Stiffness: These nozzles permit wire to exit concentric to the nozzle within 0.01 mm with or even without load.
  4. Accurate Exit Radii: The exit radii of the nozzles determine the angle of wire exit from one coil to the next. This makes it essential to maintain the exit radii to utmost tolerance limit, which is done using the right calibrating instruments.

Bore Diameter(mm)

Outside Diameter



Customized, Wall thickness Governing

Customized, Aspect Ratio Governing.

Special customization is possible based upon specific wire gauge, nozzle-tip diameter, along with customer-specific CAD Diagrams.


Carbide, Polycrystalline Diamond(PCD)

  • exceptionally Superior Rigidity
  • Concentricity as low as 0.01mm.
  • Absolutely Perfect finished wire entrance, bore surfaces ad well as wire-exit.
  • Dimensions as per your specifications.

Wire Guiding Nozzles are used in industries manufacturing coils, relays, transformers and in industries manufacturing sensors for automotives and electrical equipments. These are used for providing perfectly consistent route for enamelled copper wire to coil from reel. Bharat Industries make coil winding nozzles for all machines including those manufactured by Tanaka, Tanac, Meteor, Bachi, Marselli, EPM, Sarcem, AWG, guidafilo.


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