Wire Straightening Dies

Wire Straightening dies also called as spinner dies or cutter dies are used for deflection free drawing of wire for lowering frictional contact.

  • Similar to other dies having a bore in centre.
  • Bore size is slightly larger than diameter of wire being straightened.
  • Larger diameter enables absolutely no change to wire-diameter, as it only has to be straightened.

Wire cannot be straightened like any-other product due to inherent force and torque-related influences, rather has to be passed through Wire Straightening Dies. These dies are placed in a horizontal plane, offset to each other at a particular distance. The wire is made to pass through a series of straightening dies in a straight path so that it is flexed in essentially all directions. When a bent or kinked section of wire passes through these dies, it is flexed in all directions in an amount exceeding its elastic limit, thereby eliminating present bends.


Layout of Wire Straightening Cutting Machine

Nib Material Bore Size(mm)

Carbide, PCD, Natural Diamond, Synthetic Single Diamond, Ceramic




In preparation of products like welding electrodes, weld mesh and other products, wire has to be straighten from its coiled form prior to usage. Straightening Dies manufactured by Bharat Industries can be used for straightening all types of cold drawn wires and other non-ferrous wires. These can be used for straightening wires, tubes, cables, strips.

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