• The Global Die Company

    The Global Die Company

    Experience The BI Competitive Edge!

  • Drawing Dies

    Drawing Dies

    Wide Range Of Drawing Dies for manufacturing products ranging from wires to rods for sizes ranging from 0.15mm (0.006”) to over 100mm (4.0”) using various Nib Materials like Tungsten Carbide, Polycrystalline Diamond.

  • Special Application Dies

    Special Application Dies

    Special Set of dies including gripper dies for making nails, Bunching dies for making wire strands for cables, wire straightening dies for straightening coiled wire along with wide range of Extrusion Dies & Tooling.

  • Wire-Drawing Accesories

    Wire-Drawing Accesories

    Wire Drawing Accessories like Pulling-in-Dogs & Wire Cutters along with Finest Quality Charcoal for Galvanization of Wire.

  • Die Room Accessories

    Die Room Accessories

    Whole Range of Die Room Accessories for you to self-work on dies for maximizing die-life and maintaining High-Quality of wire .

  • Perfect Precision

    Perfect Precision

    Perfect Precision Managed with State-of-art Calibrating Instruments.

Lowest Price Per Cost

High Quality Raw-Material used by us reduces hidden costs associated with inferior quality products.

Precision Parts & Superior Design

Our products have long-lasting lifespan, thereby ensuring lesser replacement, helping achieve saving on downtime, labor and product-replacement cost, as our fewer products do MORE!

Premium Customer Service

For any rush or any clarification about your products, don’t worry! Rest assured! We are dedicated to your success, making your job easier!

Every Block Of Marble Has An Image In It, Our Genius Has To Design It Out!”

Similarly, Freeing the countless shapes locked inside every block of tungsten carbide, has been trademark of experience and knowledge of Bharat Industries.

Driven by customer-oriented approaches, Bharat Industries has become an eminent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Wire-Drawing products over the last 40 years. At Bharat Industries, we strive to offer quality products within customer-budget. We do our utmost to ensure their business progresses through our quality-products. Our focus is to fabricate cost-effective and flawless goods for retaining a constant partnership with our loyal customers all across the global market. Bharat Industries manufacturers high-quality, long lasting wire drawing dies, allowing wire mills to pull more wire-coils per Rupees spend on dies. We offer a wide range of products used in Wire-Drawing with Tungsten Carbide dies, Wire-Guiding Nozzles, Polycrystalline Diamond Dies, being the foremost.

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