Company Profile

Our Vision

To become India’s leading metal tooling company by going above and beyond Customer’s expectations through consistent precision, rapid delivery, and cost-conscious services across entire industry.


Satish Singhal

Who we are

Radii, Angles, Holes, Projections or any compound curves- if you dare to dream them-Bharat Industries can make them for you! Time-honored for over 40 years, Bharat Industries has established itself as a foremost manufacturer and exporter of Tungsten Carbide Products. Our experience of over 40 years in manufacturing Tungsten Carbide Dies along with meticulous understanding of Wire-Industry requirements has enabled us in producing consistent, high-quality wear Tungsten Carbide products.

We, at Bharat Industries understand that wire-drawing is a very complex process. Hence, we are committed to make available to you the appropriate products for lowering operating costs and meeting tight timelines. With Bharat Industries, you can be rest assured that you have the most excellent products, dedicated services and technical expertise desired for success of your business.

Industries Served

  • Wire-Industry
  • Automobile Industry
  • Electronics
  • Telecommunications
  • Wire Ropes
  • Plumbing-Pipe-Drawing
  • Construction-Bright Bar-Drawing
  • Home Care
  • Agriculture
  • Aerospace
  • General manufacturing

Why Choose Us

Accomplish a Better Return of Your Investment Assets!

Choosing Bharat Industries as your source for long-wearing, consistent, reliable high-performance dies is a very effectual business decision. Our services would lead you on path of reduced total production-cost, better competitiveness and more revenue. We have always maintained our prestigious reputation build over last 40 years for customization, “Raw-Material-to-Stock” quality and timely delivery.

Get The BI Competitive Edge!

The Bharat Industries(BI) Competitive Edge, bestows you an advantageous position in the market, assuring you success. Bharat Industries uses the highest quality raw-materials for producing its dies. This saves you from the hassles associated with inferior parts, wherein without best quality dies you lose money constantly, as dies have to be send for reworking as they wear off under the punishing conditions of wire-drawing. Problems like these can cost you huge sum owing to losses occurred in manufacturing as well as labor-costs. Bharat Industries assures you highest level of professionalism along with strict tolerances for all products, which eventually means more money in your pocket!

Our Promise

Dedication to Service & Quality!

The foundation of the success of Bharat Industries can be related to perfect combination of drilling, boring, lapping and polishing of tungsten carbide products carried by us to match customer requirements and tolerances. This has established us as an exclusive supplier of Tungsten Carbide products to many large and small business-houses. Bharat Industries has a long “performance-proven” record for providing reliable, long-lasting dies.

Bharat Industries pledges to:

  • Ensure Accurate Geometry & Zero-defect Quality consistently
  • Provide Long-lasting, Abrasion-resistant wire Dies
  • Provide Well-organized Customer Service Throughout product-cycle
  • Be Your True business partner, delivering commitments consistently with quality.

Located in Thane, India, Bharat industries has over the years made use of the most highly skilled labor and has always strived to maintain its reputation as being the pioneers  of this industry. We serve numerous native Business-Houses located in various Indian states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh and many more along with our huge array of global clients. We always seek to go beyond our customer’s expectations and provide them with the most supreme-quality products at the least possible rates.

We Look Forward to do business with your Company!