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Tungsten Carbide

In the domain of stunning-infrastructure and sophisticated-machinery, Cemented Tungsten Carbide has emerged as the foremost choice for tools, dies and other wear parts. Once the optimum characteristics desired for the intended application are specified by the toolmaker or engineer, Tungsten Carbide can provide exceptional performance. Cemented Tungsten Carbide consists of Tungsten Carbide particles which are adhered or cemented collectively by a comparatively ductile, uncontaminated metal cobalt or nickel. Here, the Tungsten Carbide acts as “bricks” whereas the binder material as “mortar”.

Selecting the appropriate cemented Tungsten Carbide grade isn’t a piece of cake! It is dependant on number of factors including resistance to corrosion and shock, wear and abrasion resistance, applied loads and stresses. Along with these factors, even design parameters play a pivotal role in determination of Tungsten Carbide Grade.

The above said factors are just the technical governing aspects to be considered in preparation of Tungsten Carbide. Certain other composition considerations are added to this matrix while preparing the exact grade of tungsten-carbide. These include Tungsten Carbide grain size, the binder alloy percentage along with addition of titanium, tantalum carbide and other elements. A perfect combination of all the above said factors achieves the best grade of cemented Tungsten Carbide for usage in preparations of various metal tools.

The Carbide grain size and binder percentage pay an essential role in determining the properties of Tungsten Carbide. A smaller carbide grain size leads to higher hardness and abrasion resistance whereas lower shock-resistance. At the same time, larger carbide grain size enhances toughness and shock resistance and reduction in hardness. Similarly, lower binder percentage causes reduced shock resistance whereas increased percentage causes an increase in shock resistance.

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