Tungsten Carbide Dies

Tungsten Carbide dies are the foremost choice in drawing equipment of wire-industry when an economical option is desired over better wear resistance and wire-surface finish. Tungsten Carbide dies are little, ultra-hard precision tool with a small hole at its center.

If you desire the ultimate-quality Wire-Drawing dies, at lowest price then Bharat Industries is your best option! We manufacture Long-Lasting High-Quality carbide drawing dies for use in making wire, rods, pipe and bars in all standard shapes-round, hexagonal and rectangle. These dies can serve drawing of various materials including Mild Steel, High-Carbon steel, Stainless Steel, as well as numerous other steel alloys.  Softer materials like aluminum and copper alloys can also be frequently drawn.  

wire-drawing-dies In Wire-drawing, a wire of comparatively larger diameter is drawn through a die with a smaller bore-size. This eventually, reduces the diameter of the wire to the preferred size and tolerance, keeping the volume intact. The desired wire-size is achieved by drawing the wires through a series of dies having descending bore-sizes. The final die in this series, sizes the wire to the preferred final-size. Bharat Industries develops dies to achieve drawing of various steel alloys including High-Carbon steel, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel and many more.

Bharat Industries has special mastery in manufacturing fine size dies ranging in sizes from 0.15mm to 0.8mm used specially in CO2 MIG & Stainless Steel Wire drawing.

tube-or-pipe-drawing-diesDrawing Dies used in tube or pipe drawing can be of any custom shapes, including commonly used round, hexagonal and square. The drawing process is very similar to wire-drawing. The major difference is usage of a mandrel. This mandrel is placed at the gorge of die and its size determines the Die inner diameter as well as wall-thickness. A well-finished mandrel achieves smooth surface on the inner side of the tube or pipe.

rod-drawing-dieBars and Rods drawing is no different than Wire/Tube or Pipe drawing. The significant difference is that rod/bar tends to be much thicker then wires or tubes.

The following Table provides the most commonly used Die Sizes and shapes. Customization is possible as per your specification.





0.15 to 18.00

Round, Hexagon, Square, Rectangle, Oval, Ellipse and others.


2.00 to 100.00


Upto 100.00

Tungsten Carbide Dies can be used in diverse industries including, Fasteners, Wire-Ropes, Galvanized-wires, CO2 MIG wire, Cable industry, Nails, Fencing, Chain Industry and many more.


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