Polycrystalline Diamond Dies

Polycrystalline Diamond(PCD) Dies are the backbone of Wire Industry, when longer life, predictable performance along with excellent surface finish are required..

Selection of any die-nib material depends on material being drawn as well as desired finish of wire-surface. However, in any case, withstanding the demanding wear of the die is a necessity.

Advantages Of PCD:

  • Lesser Downtime
  • High Thermal Conductivity & Hardness
  • Excellent Resistant to Fracture & Breakage
  • Uniform Wear
  • Better Price/Performance

Bharat Industries, with its stringent quality provides you with Polycrystalline diamond dies, with an unproblematic performance from manufacturing to refurbishing.

PCD Grade Bore Size(mm)
5-25 microns 0.05-15

Wire-drawing operations ranging from rod-size to intermediate to very fine wire sizes of various ferrous and non-ferrous metal wires including copper, aluminum, stainless steel and many other.


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High Quality Raw-Material used by us reduces hidden costs associated with lower quality products. Our dies have long-lasting lifespan, thereby ensuring lesser die-requirement, helping achieve saving on downtime, labor and dies cost, as fewer dies do MORE! For any rush or any clarification about your dies, don't worry! Rest assured! We are dedicated to your success, making your job easier!

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