Selection Of Right Die Material

The successful selection of appropriate raw material for using in die tools depends predominantly on the kind and size of wire being drawn. Even, the tonnage desired by the wire-drawer per die plays a vital role. Largely, a wire-drawer has to select between two raw-materials available for making die-tools, Tungsten Carbide & Polycrystalline Diamond(PCD). Generally, it has been accepted that for drawing smaller size wires harder die material is needed.

Tungsten Carbide (TC)

Tungsten Carbide has triple times hardness of steel making it the foremost material used in drawing ferrous wire materials. Tungsten Carbide dies are used more frequently when larger wire diameters have to be drawn, drawing is required in small quantities and when diameter sizes have to be changed frequently. However, Tungsten Carbide Dies usage has been considerably post-introduction of Polycrystalline Diamond(PCD) in 1970s in requirements, where continuously larger blank dimensions are needed.

Polycrystalline Diamond(PCD) Dies

In today’s era, majority of the wire drawing mill or cable plant make use of PCD die tools in drawing ranging from rod breakdown to fine wire-drawing. PCD Dies are preferred greatly for non-ferrous materials along with stainless steel drawing in thermally stable conditions.

Real Savings

In the domain of stunning-infrastructure and sophisticated-machinery used in wire-drawing industry, one should never lose sight of the wire-drawing die. This little, ultra-hard precision tool with a small hole at its centre determines the growth or breakdown of any wire-drawing industry. It hence becomes crucial to determine proper raw-material for the superiority of die tools. Some of such decisive factors for your progress are:

  • The chosen Die-Material has an excellent wear-resistance.
  • The Dies have high-service duration and last till desired tonnage.
  • Also, repeated recutting or refurbishment after initial usage is possible.

The above said criteria have to be taken well- into consideration while selection between Tungsten Carbide & Polycrystalline Diamond(PCD).  Tungsten Carbide is used mainly in operations requiring higher volumes such as cold forming and cold heading operations. Here, it is beneficial mostly due to greater wear resistance, lower maintenance and lesser downtime.

Tungsten Carbide as stated is harder but PCD is comparatively much harder then Tungsten Carbide. Hence, PCD is used in fine wire drawing due to its longer life, high resistance to wear, cracking or bearing.  PCD Dies last much longer giving consistent production.

However, one can never lose sigh of the low-priced rate aspect of Tungsten Carbide making it the most commonly used raw-material in majority of wire-drawing industries. Bharat Industries produces both tungsten carbide dies as well as Polycrystalline Diamond(PCD) dies based on your requirement. Feel free to approach us with your queries and be rest assured to get the best service in Thane!

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