Diamond Powder

Diamond Powder is an abrasive exclusively used for mirror polishing and sizing of Tungsten Carbide dies, Polycrystalline Diamond and Diamond dies.

Diamond Powder can be used as itself or as paste and slurries along with a medium of synthetic water and oil lubricants. It helps in achieving better material surface finish and enables a longer shelf life.

  • Withstand rigorous lapping conditions
  • Uniform cutting quality till end
  • More surface coverage thereby providing better impregnation of lapping tools
  • Longer shelf life

D3, D7,D30

D3, D7 are used as final finishing grades for achieving mirror polish and final finish on Tungsten Carbide dies, moulds, and rings.

D30 is used as pre-finishing grade for rapid stock removal thereby attaining better uniform finish surface.

Bharat Industries has been providing for over last 40 years all the above grades of Diamond powder as per the customer’s requirements.


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