Diamond files

Diamond files have a broad-spectrum usage in industries related to gauge, mould and die instruments, where these are used for grinding harder materials

Diamond files give best results when used with light contact pressure. Increased cutting pressure isn’t worth an effort, as it doesn’t achieve a faster rate of material removal. The uniform concentration of diamond grit on the file-surface ensures even, free-cutting and proper depth of the cut.

diamond-file-2Diamond Files are available in different grit sizes and different shapes as per the requirement. The grit size is decided as per the required surface finish. These are used for finishing of materials along with formation of numerous shapes in hard metals. Bharat Industries provides Diamond files in all standard shapes as well as grit sizes as per your requirement.

Diamond File Length (mm)

Diamond Coating Length(mm)

Grit Size







Round, Triangle, Half round, Square, Flat and Knife

Diamond Files are used extensively for grinding harder materials including Tungsten Carbide, Hard Steel of 40HRC and Unhardened High-Alloy Steels; Rough and Fully-sintered Carbides.


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