Carbolap Paste

Carbolap Paste is most economical Lapping Medium available today for finishing of any hard materials including Tungsten Carbide and other hardened steels, mainly due to the Boron-Carbide from which this powder is made.  It is a super-hard abrasive material, with only Diamond and Cubic Boron Nitride at the forefront in hardness. Its unsurpassed and rewarding performance outshines all other standard abrasives including aluminium oxide & silicon carbide. It is used extensively in Carbide-industry for production of numerous tools and components and in for finishing and lapping of numerous items.

  • The coarser meshes available of carbolap paste have stronger action in removing material and ensure better surface roughness.
  • While lapping, the particle-abrasion action produces different grain sizes, leading to homogeneous working surface layer.
  • Owing to minimum pressure to be applied while using carbolap paste, there is no concern of temperature increase, thereby assuring no damage by hairline cracks or grain boundary fissures, making it a risk-free and favored lapping medium.
  • Optimum rigidity of carbolap paste helps finish work within minutes which would have otherwise required much longer time.

Carbolap paste is available in different grit-sizes having rough to super-finishing quality for numerous applications.

Grit Sizes










Owing to its very important attributes of high-stock removal rate and superior surface-quality, Carbolap Paste is most economical lapping agent. This paste is used in polishing as well as lapping of numerous vital parts of various tools and dies.

Carbolap Paste is available in standard packing of 200, 500, 1000 & 2000 grams.


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