Polishing Pins

Bharat Industries has been engaged in producing Polishing-pins right from the very beginning, giving us an experience of over 40 years in Polishing-pin manufacturing. We manufacture various types of Polishing-pins including Wood & Steel Polishing-Pins and Steel Lapping-Pins for your usage in Die-Polishing. These Pins are recognized as being useful for providing fine polish without altering their shape during polishing procedures.

wood-steel-polishing-pinsThese pins are made in both blank as well as in ground form from the material desired by the customer, i.e. wood or steel. The steel polishing pins are especially hardened for prolonging their service-span. The blanks pins are roughly grounded to perfection of +/- 10, whereas grounded pins are accurately grounded to the finest degree desired.


Sizes Available

Angle Available

6, 9 & 12 mm(Standard)

Bigger Size on Request

100 to 220

steel-lapping-pinThese pins are also available in both blank as well as in grounded form as per your requirement.  These pins are made from silver-rod and possess a lapping pin. These are an economical and accurate method for sizing and polishing of drawing dies. These pins can be made as per your requirement in sizes ranging from 0.5 to 20mm.

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High Quality Raw-Material used by us reduces hidden costs associated with lower quality products. Our dies have long-lasting lifespan, thereby ensuring lesser die-requirement, helping achieve saving on downtime, labor and dies cost, as fewer dies do MORE! For any rush or any clarification about your dies, don't worry! Rest assured! We are dedicated to your success, making your job easier!

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