Heading Dies

Heading dies are typically used in metalworking processes for forming an enlarged ‘head’ on end of any metal rod, which would eventually be used a component of a finished-product.

  • Two heading cavities on opposite sides of carbide insert.
  • The carbide insert has through bore within first cavity, which is made concentrically with the bore on other side of insert.
  • The die is inverted and a second cavity is drilled carefully on opposite side of insert.
  • This second cavity can be similar to first cavity or can grant shapes for alternate head-configuration. The double-cavity construction enhances the competence and also economy of heading die.

Nib Material

Bore Size(mm)



Heading Dies can be used in many non-molding industry parts including bolts, screws, rivets, etc., which can act as intermediates for final-products.


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