Gripper Dies

Gripper Dies are those dies which are used in making nails in fasteners industries. Coiled wire after being fed in to the nail-making machine is gripped by a pair of gripper dies.

The desired shape of the nails is already machined into the end of gripper dies. These dies hold the wire tightly in place, whereas the free-end wire is hit by mechanical hammer, which causes deformation of wire within die-cavity forming head of nail.  Similarly, with the wire still clamped in dies, shaped cutters hit the opposite end of nail, forming point and later cutting the nail from the residual wire-coil. Finally, the dies open and an expelling mechanism push the nails into collection pan. The whole cycle is again repeated for making more nails.


Usage Of Gripper Dies

Nib Material

Bore Size(mm)



Gripper dies can be used for making nails from copper, stainless steel, aluminum, iron, zinc and many more.


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