Extrusion Dies & Tips

Extrusion Dies are used in processes involving pushing of slug through the die to generate the desired cross-sectional area. Extrusion can be carried out on different products at range of temperatures to attain various desired properties of extruded product.

extrusion-1A finest choice of tool steel along with optimum heat treatment has to be selected for elongating lifespan of Extrusion dies & tooling which are continuously subjected to extreme thermal conditions during extrusion. These harsh thermal conditions are generated not only through heated billet but also by deformation and friction the dies go through.  Also, to add to the heat is the high pressure under which the process is carried. Particularly, in aluminum extrusions, a hard oxide film formed immediately on the surface of the extruded metal, causes considerable die-abrasion.

Bharat Industries takes proper care of above said factors while preparing Extrusion Dies. We ensure that at die-designing stage, there is proper allowance for elastic deformation and shrinkage. We also take care that the die-profile remains straight when used for extrusion of complicated profiles, as it would be subjected to highly uneven velocity distribution at that time.

  • Proper Die-Geometry, ensuring avoidance of expensive reworking
  • Attaining Maximum die-life by using superior raw-materials and giving it proper heat treatment.
  • Extremely tight tolerance, ensuring proper weight per unit length of extruded product.
  • Best finished land-surface

Extrusion dies can be used for extruding materials including copper, tin, aluminum, steel, nickel, lead for producing various products with wire, tubes, pipes, rods and welding electrodes.

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