Bharat Industries prepares Charcoal Powder of excellent quality as per the customer’s requirement using the finest selected charcoal woods acquired from reliable vendors. Owing to our enormous experience in the Charcoal-Domain, we have developed a prominent lead over other domestic vendors in India as well as emerged as leading exporter of charcoal in the international markets.

Our Charcoal Powder & Granules are mainly used in Galvanisation of wire. We produce Charcoal powder having appropriate Carbon Content, having best combustion competence to retain high temperature needed during Galvanisation. When the wire exits the lead bath, charcoal is needed as a wiping agent to minimise the lead-amount carried by it. This also reduces wire surface oxidation and endows the galvanised wire, a glossy finish.

Bharat Industries provides Charcoal Powder as per the client’s requirement, making it available in various mesh-sizes.

Proximate Analysis Details

Specification Content Range(%)
Carbon Content 68-82
Ash Weight 6-18
Volatile Matter 13-20


Special Care has to be taken while storage of Charcoal Powder & Granules. One has to be careful to keep it properly ventilated and also protected from sunlight & moisture.

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