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Stamping Dies

Metal Stamping and Metal Working

Sheet metal stamping dies are used to produce high precision metal components which are identical in shape and size. The dimensional accuracy and stability which you can achieve using precision metal stamping dies are very high and thus metal stamping dies are integral part of any manufacturing industry.  Stamping die manufacturing involves step by step operations starting from design study, planning, pre-machining, heat treatment, final machining, bench fitting and assembly. Dies also can contain cutting and forming sections made from carbide or various other hard, wear-resistant materials.

Stamping dies can be a simple single stage tool where a component or operation is completed in every stroke of the stamping die or it can be a progressive stamping die where a series of various stamping techniques are performed in different stages to produce complex shaped metal stamping parts.

You can see metal stamping components everywhere. From the electrical switches at your home to the computer you are surfing, from cars to aircrafts, everything needs precision metal stamping parts. Metal stamping dies can be used for various sheet metal operations like, shearing, blanking, piercing, bending, forming, coining, embossing, extrusion, deep drawing etc. It is used for making aluminum tubes, cans and lids.

Stamping Die Maintenance & Trouble Shooting

Precision metal stamping dies require regular maintenance to ensure the quality of the components it produces. Normally the maintenance works involves sharpening of cutting punches, replacing broken and damaged parts, working on dies to ensure the final stamped product meets all the quality specifications of customers etc. With the systematic processes like preventive maintenance consistent parts and enhanced life of stamping dies can be achieved.

Whether you need dies and/or punches for stamping, trimming, forming, drawing or any other purpose, Bharat Industries can help you find a solution that will offer increased productivity and longer life, reducing down time and saving you money.



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